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Founded by Shardae Herriford in 2021, The Bonding Experience started as a webinar series to help spread awareness surrounding the challenges during the perinatal period. Discussion for entrepreneur mothers and how they balance life, work, families, and the realities of their experiences. This series was largely influenced by Shardae’s work as a Perinatal Wellness Specialist in Detroit, MI,  where she connected with mothers in the community and clinical settings who shared her struggles with navigating " the not so glamourous" side of being pregnant. The importance of advocacy during this empathetic time begins with the mental, emotional, physical, and overall well-being of a person. 


Seeing a pronounced gap in wellness and resources, with mothers' mortality and morbidity rates globally. As stated by the United Nations' sustainable development goals of 2030. Shardae dedicated herself to the mission of developing and providing holistic and wellness care for underserved women of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) families.

Leveraging resources of her small community of women in health, Shardae launched the TBE webinar series to land what she’s coined as the “3B’s”: Being, Birthing, and Bonding.


Being symbolizes the nature or essence of a person 

Birthing is the act or process of birth

Bonding is the formation of a close relationship in a safe space of deep vulnerability and love


After successfully launching and sharing the webinar with women and families of the Detroit community, Shardae realized an even greater need to respond to women and men needing wellness support in Africa, as we all came to terms with the lasting effects COVID-19 virus and pandemic. Through tireless work, Shardae has partnered with Amazon, Herriford Consulting, Floco, Vagesty, Synergy, and the Detroit community to build a network of allies for her cause, and resources for BlPOC communities across the world.


Despite its infancy, The Bonding Experience:


  • Promotes overall health equity that ignites natural strengths and proliferates knowledge.

  • Integrating perinatal specialties together that enhances the bonding experience through childbirth education, postpartum mood & anxiety disorder, human milk and lactation, support groups, prenatal yoga, prenatal massage, music therapy, and doula services, plus more.

  • Will be making its first annual trip to Uganda, this fall to help disadvantaged mothers navigate the perinatal experience through clinical birth work support, mental wellness, and menstrual reproductive health. 

  • In addition to the intercultural exchange program surrounding STEM, mentorship, life skills, and promotion of self-love for the youth.


Donations such as menstrual supplies, food, computers, clothing, books, mama kits, etc will be provided. It is with great honor that Shardae continues to champion the voices of those that may otherwise be muted, and your support as she carries out The Bonding Experience’s mission will live throughout the legacy of its purpose.

Equality is treating everyone the same. But, equity is taking differences into account, so everyone has a chance to succeed.

Jodi Picoult

Our Mission

Our Mission

At The Bonding Experience, our mission is to provide uplifting mental, physical, spiritual and emotional integrity during the perinatal period. Through this we impart knowledge and resources for mothers of underserved communities helping them to discover their natural strengths and prosper. Learning from aggregated experiences, we stand together to decrease maternal and infant mortality rates by emphasizing a holistic approach to bonding with self, and the blossoming life within.


Our Vision

From The Bonding Experience’s inception, our vision has been to promote wellness through reliable resources, educational events, and provision of emotional support throughout the prenatal and postpartum periods. Our hope is to provide this wholistic assistance for mothers who may have otherwise had to navigate the perinatal period alone and enable them and their support to advocate for themselves and their babies throughout the experience.


We Need Your Support Today!

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